Sourcebook for the Shahi Kingdoms

The Shahi project team has produced this collection of Sourcebook entries to inform each other of developments in their own respective research and provide information pertaining to the cultural history of the Shahi kingdoms to a wider audience. Each concise entry attempts to more precisely define a research problem or summarize key sources and includes relevant bibliographic and digital references that can be cross-referenced in the Shahi Kingdoms Database, Bibliographic Database, and scientific publication series of the project. The Sourcebook is edited by Natasha Kimmet and Deborah Klimburg-Salter with peer-review from the multidisciplinary specialists in the project network.

*The Shahi Kingdoms Digital Research Platform employs two transliteration systems. To ensure accessibility across scholarly disciplines and for general audiences, simplified phonetic transcriptions are used for frequently-used terms on the platform (e.g., Shahi). Diacritics are employed in individual scholars' contributions, such as Sourcebook entries (e.g., Śāhi).

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